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Here you can find recruitment and employment information for your business. Some information here is valuable to all businesses, and some is specific to employers in the nine-county Rural Capital Area. With the number of resources that we connect you to here, we hope the this will be your starting point for all issues related to hiring and employing people in Texas.



Employers: Do you know about Texas New Hire Reporting?

Federal and State law requires employers to report new hires within 20 days of their state date. Information received is kept in a confidential database and used by various state and federal agencies to ensure payment of child support and prevent fraud in Workers’ Compensation, unemployment claims and welfare programs. This can help reduce the costs of these programs and LOWER YOUR TAXES. To find out more about it, and file your report on-line, go to the following website:



If you are looking for solutions to your present and future workforce needs, we have them!

  • Post your job openings! More . . .
    Place your job orders on-line through government services such as http://www.twc.state.tx.us/jobs/job.html, or through any of the many job websites such as monster.com, indeed.com, etc. The advantage to the government job boards is that they’re usually free to use and sometimes will even screen potential applicants for you, but may not have as many potential employees as the major non-government job sites.
  • Use our sites!
    This website is updated regularly with current and valuable information for employers.
  • Stay competitive!
    Access up-to-date labor market and wage information to assist you in employee recruitment and retention here:


Your business or organization can save real money when employing eligible workers and qualified participants of some government programs. For more information explore the links listed below.

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) More . . .
    This is a federal tax credit used to reduce the federal tax liability of private-for-profit employers.
  • Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit More . . .
    Long-term family assistance recipients can earn their employers up to $TBA if they meet certain requirements.
  • State of Texas Tax Refund More…
    . . .
  • On-the-Job Training More . . .
    Your business can receive up to 50% of qualified wages for training a qualified participant on the job.

Click here for more tax saving information


The Rural Capital Area is divided into 3 distinct geographic regions, so if you’d like government assistance, you’ll need to contact the appropriate representative who responds to the specific needs of business and employers within your region. Whether you need simple information or a full scale job fair performed for your business your representative may be able to make the connection for you. The maps below show you the various areas. To contact your representative please click here.

NORTH Region:
(Consists of Blanco, Burnet, Llano & Williamson Counties)
North Texas
EAST Region:
(Consists of Bastrop, Fayette & Lee Counties)
East Texas
SOUTH Region:
(Consists of Caldwell & Hays Counties)
South Texas

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