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Bastrop County is a part of the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Texas. In 2009 it had a population of 74,876 (a 29.7 increase from 2000). Bastrop County is named after Felipe Enrique Neri, Baron de Bastrop who was instrumental in obtaining land grants in Texas. Many well-known films have used locations in Bastrop county.

Population (2009) 74,876
% Change from 2000 29.7%
Person per square mile (2000) 65
Homeownership Rate (2000) 80.4%
Households (2000) 20,097
Persons per household (2000) 2.77
Median Family Income (2008) $52,129
Persons below poverty percent(2008) 13.0%
Children below poverty 19.4%
Private nonfarm employment (2007) 10,082
% Change from 2000 39.2%
Retail Sales – x 1000 (2002) $550,737
Retail Sales per capita (2002) $8,573
Minority-owned firms (1992) 332
Women-owned firms percent(2002) 27.3%
Persons in labor force (1990) 18,196
Administrative Support 18.0%
Production/Craft/Repair 15.6%
Service (not household) 12.0%
Executive/Managerial 11.0%
Professional Specialty 10.5%
Sales 9.4%
All Other 23.5%


There are Centers within Bastrop County that provide access to many of the services described below. Other services may be offered at each location as well. For more information please visit this link.

Employment Services Centers provide labor exchange services to help employers find workers and job seekers find jobs.
Access to Unemployment Insurance Benefits Individuals receive information on how to apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits.
Access to Child Care Individuals receive information about child care services in the area; employers receive information about available credits; and care givers receive information about assistance available for continuing education.
Employment &Training for TANF Applicants & Recipients & former Recipients Employment and training services are provided for applicants and recipients of cash assistance under Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Post-employment services are also available to help customers retain employment. Support services, such as transportation and child care assistance, are available to assist customers in their search for employment and to maintain employment.
Employment &Training for Food Stamp Recipients Food Stamp recipients receive employment and training services to help them become employed and self-supporting. Employment, job search/job readiness activities and educational or vocational training are offered, as well as transportation and dependent child care expense reimbursement.
Employment Support Services for Welfare Recipients TANF recipients who meet certain criteria receive a variety of employment and support services, such as job placement services, on-the-job training, skills or occupational training, and transportation assistance.
Training for Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Youth Centers coordinate training for eligible individuals, including activities such as occupational skills training, on-the-job training, work experience, GED preparation, and support for child care and transportation.
Access to Adult Education Customers may obtain information about and access to adult education opportunities in the area.
Referral to Apprenticeship Programs Centers provide information to applicants on job training programs that prepare them for occupations in the skilled trades and crafts; combines on-the-job training under supervision with classroom instruction.
Employment Services for Ex-Offenders Project RIO provides a linkage between education, training and employment during incarceration and employment, training and education upon release of convicted felons and adjudicated youth in Texas. Staff in the Texas Workforce Centers provide case management, job referral, job development and counseling to assist released ex-offenders with obtaining and retaining employment.
Employment, Training, and Support Services for Individuals affected by Layoffs or Imports (NAFTA/TAA) Employment services, training, job search, and relocation allowances are provided to qualified individuals who lose their job as a result of mass layoffs or plant closings, or increased imports.
Employment and Training Services for Veterans Veterans may receive specialized services, such as counseling, job-search assistance, referral, and placement.
Employment Services for Individuals under the National and Community Services Act Customers can obtain information on participating in a volunteer or community service program in the areas of education, human needs, the environment, or public safety.
Literacy Services Literacy services place emphasis on ensuring adults have the basic skills necessary for employment.
Access to Post-Secondary Career and Technology Training Customers may find information on training available from a variety of providers, such as local trade and technical schools as well as community colleges.
Employment Services for Senior Texans Information about special employment services for senior Texans, who are 55 and older, is available at local centers.
Claims for Unpaid Wages (under the Texas Payday Law) Individuals who believe they have not been paid all wages earned may obtain a Wage Claim form for completion and submission to the Texas Workforce Commission.

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