Our Mission

Both urban and rural employers in Texas will have a highly educated and skilled workforce and our residents will have the competencies, skills and education to become self-sufficient and live a quality life.

RuralCapitalWorkforce.com is proud to add valuable information to help create and sustain a workforce that meets the demands of Texas in a global economy. We believe that it should be easy for industry and business leaders to identify labor and economic trends, obtain customized training and hire high skilled workers, while simultaneously promoting the welfare, orientation, assessment, education, training and placement of job seekers who are searching for profitable and self-sufficient employment.


We, embrace our mission, vision and values.


We welcome diversity and treat everyone with respect, dignity and courtesy.


We have a passion for our customers and partners. We are self-critical, questioning and committed to providing accessible, accurate, complete and timely services.


We are accountable, honest and trustworthy.


We work together. We share our ideas and talents to find the best solutions. We support and rely on each other. We value clear and open communication. We make everyone better.

Goal 1. Enhance and sustain the quality of our information.


  • Provide guidance and assistance to residents of Texas to improve their efforts in seeking jobs, employment, employees, child care, and more.
  • Develop a one-stop organizational structure that defines the roles, relationships and responsibilities of everyone involved in ensuring that this site provides the highest quality information.
  • Implement policies and procedures designed to provide better information sharing and frequent website updates.
  • Continue and enhance cross training of our employees.

Goal 2. Increase the number of employers in Texas, and reduce the number of unemployed individuals.


  • Promote workforce development with economic development.
  • Provide targeted, customized services to meet both employers’ and employees’ needs.
  • Promote an increase entrepreneurial training for business owners in High Growth, High Demand Industries.
  • Provide information about seminars, roundtables and workshops on topics requested by employers, when possible.

Goal 3. Provide information about education.


  • Provide valuable information to youth regarding education.
  • Provide valuable information to adults who want to further their education to re-enter the workforce or increase their salary

Goal 4. Inform and educate employers and job seekers about the services available to assist them.


  • Provide information about the services that are available to employers and job seekers.
  • To encourage more Youth to prepare for High Growth, High Demand careers.